As you know, SUNDAIR Virtual is a non-profit organization, and we have some costs to maintain our website.
If you want to help us maintain the services and to improve the final product towards your membership, you are more than welcome to donate. Every Euro helps!

Our agreement:

  • Every Euro donated will go to funding our servers.
  • SUNDAIR Virtual will continue to work to grow our community and constantly improve the over-all services.
  • Your name will automatically be added to the right hand side. Contact us to have it removed.
  • We will never tell anyone how much you have donated.
  • We will not treat anyone who donates, any different than those who don’t.

Your agreement:

  • By donating, you agree that your financial contribution is solely an act of goodwill, and that such a contribution does not grant you with any higher say in how the VA is run. You agree that you will never use the fact that you have made a financial contribution as a tool to attempt to influence or intimidate staff members or the general membership.
  • You will not use the fact that you have made a financial contribution for elevating your status in the VA, nor to attempt to „bribe“ the VA into granting you special privileges.

If you understand and agree with the agreements above, and wish to donate, please click the button below.

Thank you very much for your support!

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